And now our last hours in Kanazawa have already come, but as always we used the time that we had. The girl that works at the Hostel recommended the area to us. Thank you for that. Most times the tips you get from locals are the best ones, but sadly I have to tell you this one ended in a flop. We got there easily by bus and arrived 10 minutes later. Dad tried to lead us through the small streets to the recommended teahouse. After going in circles and all hope was lost a worker led us to the house, but it was closed so that was that for today. Next stop: train station to get a reservation. The way was longer than we thought and as it turns out for nothing. But before geting the reservation, a good thing happened. We ate Indian food which was as always very tasty (I think I have never eaten Indian food that I didn`t like). Now my parents didn’t want to queue so we left and took a bus to our hostel to get our backpacks. Then we took taxi back to the station. We took a very nice German tourist with us who seemed to make a world trip. We entered the train and drove to Kyoto. In Kyoto we checked into our hotel and went to a Japenese restaurant. And again it was mouth watering.