Our time in Hawaii is over already. And for a short moment we thought about staying longer and letting mom come to us, but then we decided, we had booked the flight already, so we would just come back some day. Like everything fun Spearfishing, also started in the morning. First, we had three hours of theoretical training. Then we were to go into the water. We did a few practice dives to get into freediving a little. Dad was the first one to try the spear. All he had to do, was dive down and shoot at the sand. We weren’t shooting at fish yet. At this point, I should tell you, that we only shot at invasive fish, which people from the other Islands brought to Hawaii. Now there are thousands of them everywhere and each fish eats 150 native fish every year. Alright, so as I was waiting for dad to come back, I was looking around for the roi (the fish we were supposed to catch). Suddenly I saw him. I wasn’t so sure if it was one of them, but I told my instructor anyway. He confirmed it. Dad came up and soon he knew, what was going on, he gave our instructor the spear who tensioned the bow. I thought he would go down and show us how it works, but instead he gave me the spear and said: „Make your practice shot on the fish.“ I was just like: „What?“ I’m mean I had never held a spear in my hand before. Okay, when I dragged it here, but that doesn’t count. So I did the whole breathing thing and went down, my focus on the fish. When I was close enough I could see how it was moving away. I took the shot. The next thing I know there is the roi speared to the coral. Now I didn’t know what to do. I hadn’t thought about what to do when I had hit him, because I didn’t think I would actually hit him. Luckily my instructor came down and told me to let go of the spear and so I did. After that, we just swam through the ocean letting the tide let us pull to the left. We saw a couple more, but they were as fast gone as they had come. What is really cool, is that you snorkelled while looking out for Roi. We saw three beautiful turtles, which is a highlight for itself. After two hours the tide was so bad we had to go out.

Before we went to the airport we made a stop at Coscos to bring back a few things. Then to the airport and off we flew. We had a middle seat behind each other. In America you can just hope that you’re not sitting between to whales.

Maui ⇒ Honolulu

one night sleep

Honolulu ⇒ San Francisco

We were now officially in San Francisco. Actually the timeline was great, till moms flight had to have two hours delay. Great.That meant sitting at the Airport for two hours. Anyways, time kind of flew by and soon we saw mom coming out. It was a so great to see her again.

For the first tim in our life we took a Uber. When we arrived at our really cool airbnb, which we got from a friend of dads friend, we were greeted really nice and directly invited for dinner. Dinner was so much fun. Normally I would steal away, when grown ups started talking, but this was just sooo much fun.Have I told you that it was fun? No? It was.