This day like so many started off with blogging and school. It was awfully hot and that didn’t make it easier to concentrate. But we decided we wanted to do something. Since we actually had planned to do a few surf courses, we decided it was time to do at least a second one before leaving Hawaii.

Surf lesson

The decision was so spontanious, that we had to take the last one at 1 pm. You had to be there half an hour early, so that we had only 30 minutes left. The thing is the drive itself is 30 minutes so we had to leave immediatly, so that we didn’t get there to late. And supprisingly we were only ten minutes late. If I’m honest, if we had all the time in the world to get ready and drive there it still would have turned out the same way. Anyways, we got there put on our stuff and headed to the beach. Our surf instructor explained a couple of things, followed by the swim into the great ocean. I have to say our instructor was so unmotivated we wouldn’t have needed him. At the beginning he helped us getting on the wave by giving us a push, but after 15 minutes everybody started riding waves by their own. What sucks is that the waves were really slow so it nearly wasn’t worth catching them.

Pioneers inn

After surfing you are, like after every sport, hungry. Even though riding the wave isn’t the exhausting part, paddling back out is.

The pioneers inn is a restaurant a the harbour of Lahaine, not far away from our surf school (goofy foot ⇐ thats the name). It was against our expectation not so expensive. They mostly served fish, but you can get burgers everywhere and this one turned out to be no different. The burger was very good in contrast to our dessert, that was way too sweet.

Over the Rainbow

As we were heading back to our car we spotted a beautiful rainbow. It was huge and stayed there our whole way home.