Our third day in Japan and first day in Kanazawa was more like how I´d imagined a relaxed day. After breakfast we all had to do something like work or writing a blog. So that´s when I finally had the chance to finish my last blogs and make my new website. So around 1:00 pm We got ready to visit the big park. I felt like in a fairytale. The ranky grown trees, the moss and the silently splashing streams weaving through the woods seemed magical. After walking through the woods and looking at a wonderful castlefor a while we went on a search for food.

We visited several very wierd places, which where in multi-story buildings. The wierdest thing was that you had to eat in cabines, that divided you from the rest. They really creaped us out, but mum and I saw a board that showed pictures of delicious food and after we had convinced dad to go in one more time we nearly failed, because the restaurant was pretty much empty. I’m glad we fought our fear. Because after we went in, we ate the most delicious things (+dessert). There were only three people leading the shop. Everyone was in the kitchen, at the bar or waitressing. It was impressing.