The following post is about one of the best day of this trip – yet. Now finally arrived in Japan we stayed one night in Tokyo and then took the train to Takayama. Well the train trip was a bust. We had to wait three hours for our train because the train we were actually ment to go on was cancelled. But that was soon forgotten when we arrived in the beautiful city we could only stay one night in. But I think we used the time we had pretty good. When we arrived in the evening we made a quick stop at our hostel (which was very great for a hostel – by the way) and then made our way to a restaurant nearby. Soon we found one that looked very nice and we sat next to two men that looked like they had had a little much from the Sake (a japenese wine). After we had found a position that was kind of comfortable under those really low tables that stood on the ground (that’s were YOU sat), we ordered what seemed the nicest. At the end we ate the most delicious Hida beef, which you had to grill on your own. Still hungry we went back to our Hostel.