Yeah, this day was awful, but as you can see I survived. As we had to wait 10 hours for our flight to China I thought China just doesn´t want to have us, but as it turns out they don´t want us to let go either. How I come to this conclusion? Well, that’s not hard to explain. In front of the check-in counter was a reaalllly long line. And as we had passed the first quest we were sent to the next. As it turns out the Chinese like many stations for.. what ever. So we stood in the line that seemed to be the security line but again I was wrong. When we arrived at the front of the line we just got a random stamp and went to the next line which moved even slower. After we had finally made it through security I was ssssoooo hungry and would have eaten the first thing that fell into my sight, but dad wasn´t in to eat junk food again, so we wandered through the airport searching for a Thai restaurant. But with to hungry girls you don´t get far, so we ended up eating at KFC. With full tummies we boarded and we didn´t even have to queue. When we saw our seats we were more than happy. At this point I really have to thank dad for nagging the guy at the counter so much, that we got upgraded to Premium economy. We even had TV that had a great program. So I think it ended pretty good. Once arrived in Japan it felt like a huge weight glided of my shoulders. It was sooo clean and the sky wasn´t yellow.