My first day in Shanghai was surprisingly good. Well, we started with shopping that explains a lot. We had to buy sunglasses for dad, since he lost his in HK, but that wasn´t a problem in the underground market. I´m going to tell you how it works on markets like this so you can imagine. First thing you notice is: It´s a huge competition between the sellers, because they are all selling the same stuff, so what they do, they get very bothersome. Second thing is the first price they name you is never the price you pay. Our advantage of the competition is that they know that if you don´t buy it from them you can buy exactly the same one a shop further on. So you bargain. You should never bargain to low, because they have to make money too, but the first price they name you is never the price you should pay, because it´s definitely too high. we
went through the market and bought some sunglasses for dad, mom and me. Than we took a taxi to the Oriental Pearl Tower, which we actually wanted to go on but couldn´t because it was too full. So we moved on and made our way to the Huangpu river, which we wanted to cross. The river was so disgusting. There was rubbish everywhere, on the surface “swam” dead fish and the smell was obliverating. But we weren´t there to swim or sit at the river, we were there to take the ferry to the other side and that’s what we did. On the other side it was very full but we found a place to sit and plan our next move. Oh I forgot to tell you how yellow the sky was, it was like disgusting yellow. Moving on, we took a taxi to the French concession centre, which I liked because of the low buildings and the little shops and food stands. We spend the rest of the evening there till we went back to our hotel.