Well, you probably ask yourselves (or you don´t, because you didn´t even notice) why I´m now writing about the flight but didn´t about the first one. That’s easy to explain. I started writing about the first flight but it sounded all so boring even if it really wasn´t, so I decided to leave that out, but this “flight” was very different from what we all had expected.

Our day started off pretty normal. There was no kind of stress and we had enough time to pack our stuff. At least mum and I did. Dad as always came so late from breakfast that mum had already packed his stuff when he came back. We just took a taxi from our hotel to the airport, checked in and went through security control. Once we were in we were hungry again, but it was impossible to find something were you didn´t have to stand in line for at least half an hour. So we ended up eating this very unpleasant beef sandwich. Now we boarded and got on to the plane. We sat down and for about five minutes the world was great. That’s when the baby started crying. Dad and I started watching our series, but it was impossible to turn loud enough, that you didn´t hear the baby anymore. Finally the mother had the brilliant idea to take the baby out of the baby carriage. We had about two quiet minutes when the brother started crying. The mother gave him to the nanny, but the crying of him seemed to make the baby in front of us cry. Of course we had some breaks from all the crying but it was only a matter of time till the next baby started crying again. On a two hour flight it would have been okay, but it got much worse. Food was served.

Oh, at this point I should remind you that I didn´t say anything of taking off, meaning we were still in Hong Kong airport. Between all the baby crying, watching series, playing games on my phone and just sitting there now and then an announcement came that told us, we had to wait because of traffic control in Shanghai. Minute by minute, hour by hour flew by without us even moving. When they started handing out food again ten minutes before we were supposed to take off all hope was gone. I really felt sorry for the guy who was on this flight the third time and would be cancelled again. But then our plane started moving. It was really taking off. Who cares if it was 10 hours after the original planned time, the important thing was, we were going to arrive in Shanghai. After two hours flight, ten hours waiting and an hour taxi drive we finally arrived at our hotel.