Well, now I´m already writing about the last day in Hong Kong. The last day was more about shopping than sightseeing, but that was more than okay with me. Our main goal for today was the ladies market, which is like heaven for ladies, well, at least for me. But before we started shopping we did my second favourite thing, we ate. It didn´t take long till we found a Japenese restaurant in lower floor of a mall. The food was delicious once I had figured out, that you were supposed to cookthe beef in the hot stone pot.



After we I had cooled off with a cold mango smoothie (no real mango probably ever touched it.) we went to the market which was right around the corner. There we splitted up. Dad went alone and mum and me slowly made our way through all those heavenly stands. As usual I was the one who found something and mum only bought a bottle of water. After we had found Dad we drove back to where we were the night before, since Dad lost his sunglasses. That wasn´t so bad, because we had to go to the bar “Mine”, where you could drink delicious Mocktails. We also ate some even more delicious lemon-chilli-fries, kurkuma chicken wings and a pulled pork-sandwich. Now we had just one thing to do here before flying to China: Bonjour.

Bonjour is a shop which has cheap and great cosmetics. So after I had led my poor parents (no irony at all) to the Bonjour and found what I wanted we were on a bus –hunt. Yeah we went from bus station to bus station but we didn´t find one which had the line to our hotel. At the end we took a taxi. And again a day is over.