Todays goal: Chueng chau.

Since Chueng chau is an Island we had to take the bus to the ferry and then take the ferry to the Island. The boat ride was beautiful. You had like the best view of the skyline and when we neared the Island it also looked great, because of all the small fisher boats and their flags and than the Little Island with all those closely built little houses. But when we got of the boat it was not so pleasent. First thousand of Chinese got of with us and were streaming towards the main street, second It was hot as hell. So we decided to grab a cold smoothie and walk through a sidestreet were we soon made a stop at an Indian restaurant.

After we had eaten a great curry we hit the road. We walked up a hill, which was by the way, very exhausting in the heat . Went through a tiny jungle and passed a temple till we arrived at the beach. And this is the part which should help you understand the title. THE BEACH WAS EMPTY!!! Except for a few western tourists of course, but I have no idea were all the Chinese went. But we could just chill at the beach with out any kids screaming and their parents screaming even louder for the to stop. So we sat at the beach went into the water which wasńt that cooling, but I couldńt go in that deep anyway because I had no bathing siut with me but I went in as far as I could. Thats how I ended up sitting in the very cooled down ferry with wet pants, freezing. As soon we got of the ferry again the warm air dried it quickly so it really wasn`t a big deal. After feeling lost a little we took a look at the map at then to a street mum strongly wanted to go to. It was already getting dark but we hadńt seen it anywhere. We where already giving up( actually I had already given up a long time ago) and then we randomly walked into a street and you can which street it was. Yeah right Lang fai fong, the street we were looking for all the time. Exhausted of all the waling we seated ourselves in a bar were I drank a pretty goot mocktail. So now we weren`t thursty anymore, but now our hunger struck us so we passed by all the guys trying to win us for their restaurant and walked into a building that had a sign on it telling is it was a Libanese Restaurant. You had to take a lift to the second floor and then walk through a very creepy hallway. Mum and I were literally creeped out but dad convinced us to go in and thats how we ended up eating the most yum stuff.