Hey, this post is about a really weird day. The morning started different than usual, because we didn´t take the bus but the taxi. I know this isn´t world shaking but I thought it was a good thing to start this blogpost with. So we drove to Tai Po which didn´t take very long and as we got out of the car we were welcomed by a nice and hot wave, Great!


We fled into a market hall, which was like every indoor space cooled down to I don´t know … too cold. But the cold wasn´t the real problem. If you knew how it smelled you´d know what I mean. It smelled like rotten fish and other meat. So that wasn´t so pleasant, but my parents dragged me in there anyway, cause who cares if you feel like throwing up (I may be overreacting a little). So we went in that hellhole and I had to realise that the smell wasn´t the only disgusting thing. We first turned left where all the fish was. It´s not only that I hate fish, but that they had headless eels which were still moving. Next we went right where the meat was. I think this was less disgusting, but I personally don´t think you can define real pig masks as nice.

Then we went upstairs where the vegetables was. This wasn´t disgusting at all. Actually it was pretty interesting to see the different kind of greens. Not only did they have familiar veggies in overlarge, but also things I´ve never seen before. Last we went through the clothing section, which was pretty boring since most stands were closed. After that we went outside again and walked little through the streets.

My parents were hungry so went to a duckgrill which the man on the hotel reception had recommended. The “ restaurant“ wasn´t that comfortable. I didn´t like the duck that much, but my parent thought it was ok. As my parents were finished we quickly left the restaurant and slowly made our way through the street, where we found a bakery with so delicious pastries. We couldn´t resist and bought some, which we quickly took back to our hotel, so they wouldn´t get warm.

After we ate, we just relaxed a little till my parents thought it would be a great idea to go visit some temples. Don`t misunderstand me, I like visiting temples but I just wanted to do nothing for once. Since nobody seemed to care about that, we made our way to the train station. riding with the train was the easiest part. When we got there dad pretended to know exactly what he was doing, but that didn´t turn out so well. At the end we ended up hungry walking back home in this enormous heat not even seen a single temple. We decided to just eat at our hotel, which wasn´t that bad, actually it was pretty delicious.