Hey guys its me again, I´m gonna tell you a little something about Hong Kong Island and our time there. The day starts like the day before just that mum arrived 9 am and we first thought she was the houskeeping and because she had no Jetlack at all we started off towards HongKong Island.

So starting with the ride on the star ferry, I think you should know that it was incredibly hot and I, as always, was hungry. So as I said we got on the ferry and a ride into another Hong Kong began. Hong Kong Islands buildings were modern and in a way beautiful, I guess. So after our short boat trip we arrived and directly went on food hunt. It was hard to find something good that wasn´t to pricy. During our search we saw some exquisit parts of the Island. After an hour of suffering we finally found the perfect restaurant.  I had a delicious chinese dumpling soup and a not so delicious dessert, but that was fine with me since instead we got some rosepaddle and pistachio ice cream afterwards.

And now I´m coming to the best and final part of todays trip: The shops. My dad probably thinks it was the worst part, but who would be surprised. You wanna know why I thought this was the best part? The explanation is simple. Everything was very, very cheap.We went into electronic shops and bought … too much. We also visited cosmetic shops, that had very cheap but good things. So in total the day was very successful. That was that for today.