After a really smooth one hour drive we arrived at the Ocean Park on HongKong Island. We went through security check, got our ticket and the fun began.You probably don´t know what the Ocean Park is I´ll explain, if you do just skip the next part.
The Ocean Park is an amusement park, where you can look at extraordinary animals, but also drive rollercoasters and of course you can eat lots and lots of food.So with a cup of kurkuma coffee we planed our route for the coming few hours.

1. Aquarium: Beautiful sea animal like rays, Hammerhead sharks and seahorses
2.Pandas: They were boring because they hid
3.Gondola:A really nice view
4.Dolphin show: The show wasn´t that good but it was really fun to see the Chinese being so stunned about the very bad performance.
5.,6.&7.Rollercoaster: Really fun to ride.
8. Rafting: A great refreshment
9.Back with the subway

Why I would recomemnd it:
The Park has lots of fun activities for every age and it´s a nice mix of zoo and rollercoasters.You can spend a whole day there and you have to if you want to do everything.