The thing about diving is: You always have to get up early. so that’s what we had to do. Of course not as early as the previous day, but still. Luckily the „Harbour“ was around the corner. We drove there, had to fill out some paperwork and off we went. It was a beautiful morning and we were able to see the sun rise from behind the mountain. Soon we arrived at our divesite. The dive was along the walls of the crater „Molikini“. It’s a crater that is so deep in the water, that only the highest parts look out, shaping a crescent. The dive was really interesting. The second dive was next to the coast of Maui. The highlight was the dive into the sharks cave, where you could see three white tip sharks lying on the bottom.



Since we had napped pretty long and done some work, there wasn’t much left to do, but to go out for dinner. Even that was hard, because most restaurants were closed already. I got the feeling we found the last open one (if you exclude McDonalds, Burger King a.s.o). Suprisingly we even found a good one. The pasta was fabulous.