This day started off with writing my Blog and learning for school. When the clock showed it was alread 2:30 pm I just wanted to go outside and do something. Dad and I grabbed our stuff including Buggy board, hoping for waves, and left for the beach around the corner. We hadn’t eaten any lunch, so we stopped by at a foodmart. With our food we sat at the beach watched the waves, which by the way weren’t big at all. We decided to look at other beaches hoping for them to be better.

National park/Big beach

The beach was, as the name already announced, huge. It wasn’t that special. I would define it as the typical beach. Sand, water and a few palm trees. But again: No waves. So we walked back through the little forest to our car.

I don’t have a picture of the turtles because we were enjoying them so much. This is a pic from one of the flowers in our beautiful garden back on Big Island.

Ahilii cove

Ahilii cove was a black rock beach.  There was a path leading through the lava right up to the Lave. You couldn’t bodysurf there at all. 1. there were now waves 2. Rocks made it hard to surf without bumping into them.

Hole in the wall

This is the most loved wedding-pictures spot. On your fotos you have the ocean, the island and lava rocks. But that wasn’t what we were here for, obviously. But as it turned out bodysurfing wasn’t what we were here for either.

As we were checking out the waves a man suddenly said to me: „You see the turtle there?“ Dad and I hadn’t seen the turtle there, but as we looked harder we saw fins plapping out of the water. We moved closer. I had to go in. Since I had my bikini on already and the water was shallow I walked right in. I could see three turtles hanging out in the water. I decided I was wet already and jumped in. Now and then a head popped out of the water right next to me. Amazing! When I looked, where dad had stood, he was gone. After a few minutes he came back with our snorkling masks. It was so cool and we could swim right up to them.