3 am :

No, I’m not writing about my sleep. I was awake already. Why? We had to drive to the world’s best sunrise, that didn’t happen to be next door. I put on four tees, two pullover, three trousers and a thick jacket we had bought at Coscos the day before and of we drove over the clouds in 3000 meters hight.

5 am :

It finally started to get brighter. So we saved us a good spot and waited for the sun come out, freezing, for a bit. When it finally came the camera was set. It was special because it broke through the cloud, that divided us from the mainground. It was really amazing.


On our way back we wanted to eat something at the bakery our tripadvisor had recommanded. Well, we hadn’t expected it to be closed. So we had to improvise. We walked through the town and had to notice, that nearly every thing was closed. Only two shops were open. We had no chance, but to choose. Or like we did: take both. My cinnamonroll was mouth watering.


Now it was time to bring back the jacket. Of course the line was a little longer, because you could just bring back everything you didn’t use anymore, but they were unusually quick. And then we bought my birthday present. Not actually my birthday present, because my birthday is in November. We bought a computer, so I could finally write my blog. So if you take it closely: It is still dad’s and I can hope to get it for my birthday. But before that day I can use it as if it is mine.

Exhausted we arrived home and made a nap.

Open-Air Cinema

To round off this cool day, we went to an open-air cinema. It was the best one in the world, I think. It was direcktly at the beach -the ocean in the background. After you watched the sunset and it got dark the movie began. And now comes the cool part: It was totally free, if you didn’t buy the worst hot dog on earth for eight dollars.