I had a few blogpost, I had to write. Most of you probably think: Why doesn’t she write one post every day, instead of releasing so many at once? The thing is, I’m traveling. So I haven’t got as much time as you think. Most day we’re driving around looking at stuff, which is definately better than work, but it is still exhausting and costs a lot of time. I’m not at trying to make this amazing trip sound like a burden. I just want you to understand, how much work a blog is. First of all you have to write it. Then you have to add the pictures, which is a lot of work too. I have to play them onto the computer (which was dads since recently, because I didn’t have my own. That was a whole different problem, since dad had to work too.) and then I have to resize every freaking picture, because my camera makes so big pictures. That takes ages. And then upload them and add them to where I’d like them to be. And that costs like this day, nearly a whole day.


So after I had spent all day long in front of the computer, I just wanted to get out. Dad had gone driving around, so I had to wait till he got back. After he got back, we walked along the street looking for dinner (not for scraps of food ON the street, just for a nice Restaurant.) We walked a little until we spotted a Mexican Restaurant. I got the feeling the Americans are obsessed with Mexican food. Everywhere you get tacos and burritos. AND NOW THEY WANT TO BUILD A WALL! Anyways, maybe it’s just the Hawaiians. So we ate a nice salad and quesidillas. Like with Indian food, you can near to never eat bad Mexican food.