Five hours until our flight :

Off we go to the rainbow falls. sounds cool? They are overrated. We drove there and there were no parking spaces left. In the middle were two gigantic busses filled with Chinese. Of course after we had parked a little further away and arrived back at the parking lot there were five cars leaving. So we took a short look at the falls. There wasn’t anything spectacular to see and you couldn’t even go into the water. Maybe I just expected to much.

Four hours until our flight :

Since we didn’t really know, what to do we drove down into the city. We were greeted by a market, which really lightened my mood. We walked through the shadowed stands.

Three hours until our flight:

Because as always hunger had taken over again, we looked out for a nice Café. Shortly we were settled in, in the Surfbreak café. I ate a nice Italian Panini and drank a delicious smoothie. Strengthend I started towards all the nice looking gift shops. The best thing was the Candy shop. It had all flavors of candy and was like a heaven.

Two hours until our flight :

It was time to go. Just a short stop at the post office and of we flew.

Big Island -> Maui