Budget -> Alamo

Now we had figured out the day before that we would manage to bring back the car and get to the harbour in time, so we signed up for the dive. We drove to the airport to bring back our car, but when dad wanted to get the new one he had to notice that he had forgotten his driverslicence back at our airbnb. So no car. We were stuck at the airport! Normally our host could have brought us the license, but we had only 30 minutes till the boat would leave the harbour and we would need at least 15 minutes for the drive. Our only chance: Someone takes us with them and drops us off. After getting turned down a couple of times we finally found someone. The funny thing they came from Switzerland, so we were able to speak German.

Manta dive

We came two minutes before take off. That was close. I can tell you already: It was totally worth the effort. The ride to the sight was fun and before we arrived we saw a lot of dolfins jumping away from the boat. Surprised I didn´t have to assemble the gear, we made a relaxed predive check and that stuff and then went into the water. Just for your understanding: This wasn’t the Manta dive yet. That one was after sundown. So we went on a normal dive, then ate some wraps and watched the sundown. The dive masters had already planted the light on the bottom of the sea, which would attract the plankton, which then attract the Manta rays. Sadly the last weeks there had been none. BUT WE GOT LUCKY. They came back and we got to see three beautys.