Diving Company

First we had to look for a diving company, that could take us on the Manta dive the next day. Since the dive school, where I got my license couldn´t asure us that we´d get a seat, we had to search elsewhere. One thing is for sure: Kona has more than enough diving companies. So we went next door. The only problem: We had to return our car at 5pm and the tours started 4pm. So we couldn´t book yet.


We needed some underwear. The last time we washed, was a long time ago, so we went to Target to buy some new ones. As every Supermarket in the US it was huge.

Lava Java

It was time for dinner. Actually our plan was to take our stuff to a nice Ocean cafe and work there, but it was already so late, we decided just to go eat something. Lava Java is a nice located Restaurant. You have a nice view over the Harbour and ocean. And the food is good too of course.