Now it was already the day we had to leave our great Airbnb. Today we would drive up to Hilo to visit the Volcanos. What meant 3 hours drive.


Greensand beach

If you want to drive to the beach by yourself better take a car you don´t need anymore, because even with a four-wheel-drive the drive is tough. Thats why a couple of locals decided to take the chance and make their worthless cars worth something. I mean taking eight people in the worst car for 20 bucks each is a pretty good deal. To fit eight people in the car they have an open truck. So six had to stand on the loading area. As we found out, standing on there was way more fun than sitting in the front, but you had to hold on tight.

The beach itself, was a little disappointing. I mean the sand was kind of green, but you had to look closely. But the waves were fun and the surrounding area was fun too. Dad even tried to bodysurf, but honestly he didn´t catch a wave. The explaination is easy. He´s just to slow. On the way back we saw a few people hiking the way to the beach and they looked everything, but happy.

Blacksand beach

As you can see the Hawaiians are very creativ with their choice of names. But anyways it was fun to walk through the black sand. Dad had already turned around and walked back to the car, when I spotted a group of people gathered around, what seemed to be a stone. Now I was curious, so I walked up to them and glanced between there shoulders. I was able to see a turtle and chinese taking a selfie with it. Of course they ignored the sign saying: ¨Please don´t walk beyond the stones.¨ I shot a couple of pics and walked back to the car.


Next stop: the Volcano park. We drove through the park. It was fun watching the volcano fumes rising up from the ground. I asked dad if he had farted, but soon it was clear for once he hadn´t. It was the sulfid coming out of the volcano. We drove to the main crater and waited till it was dark. In the dark you were able to see light coming out of the depth.