Cloud Forest

Today we planned on going to the Cloud forest. It’s a forest high up on the mountain. Because it’s so high, it is almost always foggy and that is why it is supposed to look really cool (If you keep on reading you`ll find out why I wrote „supposed“). So we drove all the way up there with a few struggles finding the right roads. On the thermometer you were able to see how it got colder and colder. But somehow it didn’t get foggier. When we arrived at the point, where you weren’t able to go any further we stopped. Still no fog in sight. A little disappointed we drove back down.

Old airport

The old airport was really cool. Why? Because you were able to drive over the old runway and at the end was a great beach. So that was really cool, but also the beach. Sadly we couldn’t go into the water, because the current was too strong.

We drove a little further till we saw cars directly at the beach. We decided to make use of our new four-wheel-drive car. So we turned into a very bumpy ¨street¨. The ocean was beautiful. It was like glass, you could see right through it.

Indian restaurant

I don´t know how many times we had eaten Indian food already, but it was just always great, so we decided to eat Indian again, because there happened to be one and we were a little to lazy to go any further. And surprise, surprise, it was delicious.