First thing after learning we had to return our car. No, not because we were flying or something like that. The car was broken. After we already had to return our car on the first day we rented it, because of a strange sound, we had to return it now because of wobbling. So we unloaded our beachstuff. It took ages till we got the new car. After arguing we got the newest car they had. But we swore to never rent a car from Budget again.

Waikaloa Beach

Now we finally got to go to the beach. We drove around a little looking for a good beach. We didn’t find anything, so we drove to a beach dad’s friend had recommended. It wasn’t bad, but it was a little boring. So we swam out a little where we found a small cave. It was cool, but you couldn’t do much there, so we swam back. Dad snorkled a litte and I bodysurfed. Then we throw a little with the football and went back to our car.

For dinner we had some Pesto from Safeway. Also we discovered the häagen dazs chocolat TRIO ice cream for us.