The next two days I basically just spent on learning for the OWD (Open Water Diver Certification). I got a little sick, so we had to reschedule the practical part for a few days. Actually that was great, because now I had the perfect amount of time for e-learning. I had to learn 5 sections and it probably took 15 hours or more.

Geckos, they are everywhere!

Padi eLearning
I have to say, I think I did most of it twice, because it repeated itself. Also the structure was very bad, because you started with a topic and it rapidly started in another section again. The worst thing: You had the feeling it started from the beginning then. If you start diving you don’t need all the information about all the gear you should buy, because, when you start diving you don’t directly buy gear. Most people probably don’t even need their own gear, because they just dive on vacations like my Dad and I. If you want new gear you can inform yourself on the internet. But I have to say, it helped me understand the risks and stuff of diving, but all the stuff I actually had to know, my dive instructor told me again and that would have been enough.
Alright that feels good, just letting the frustration out.