The first day on Big Island we did a little organizing and stuff. So we just worked a little and then drove to the dive school to get me signed up for the  OWD (Open water diver classes). That took a while, but Dad paid for a private instructor that started the day after the next day. Yeah, two days for five sections E-learning a lot of stuff about diving for my test. Impossible as I soon found out (well, impossible for me, because I can`t concentrate 10 hours). And then we finally went out for breakfast. We drove to Kona harbour. Because it was already lunch time, we had problems finding a place that still sold breakfast. But we got lucky and found a cafe with ocean view ( I think we got the last breakfast, because she had to call her mum to ask if she cold make us breakfast). As I ate my Belgium Waffles (Schmidt-Family: yes, they have them even on Hawaii!) with pineapple and coconut milk Dad suddenly said: „Dolphins“ and I was just like: „What?“, because I wasn`t sure, if he was kidding me.  The story: In New Zealand he was always saying: „Kangaroos“ and I as a stupid little five year old would believe him and was dissapointed to find out he was messing with me. Since then I always had to make sure he wasn`t fooling me. The chances of seeing a dolphin in the harbour were rare (that`s what we thought). And still there was a whole pod (a group of dolphins) of them jumping out of the water and playing with the snorkelers.
Next we had to buy some food. So we drove to Safeway Supermarket and bought… a lot. With that out of the way we drove to a snorkeling spot. The sight wasn`t so good but it was still fun to watch the mass of yellow fishes.
For dinner we had some carrots with dip and that was pretty much it for the day.