Helicopter flight
And again we had to get up early! But this time it was totally worth it (as most times, I have to admit). We took a heli flight in the morning, because most times the weather was better and we hoped there wouldn’t be too many people on the heli with us. We drove to the airport, where our helicopter waited for us. First they took our weight, then we went through safety instructions and  finally were ready to go. The weather was great. The helicopter was full, but we got to sit in the front seats next to the cool pilot anyway. It was beautiful! We flew around the island and into where the volcano was. The stone walls were green with moss and out of the stone came waterfalls, which looked like they ended in midair.
Since we had had breakfast at the Coconut Bar a long time ago, we stopped for lunch. Fully fed we drove further along the Southshore. We turned into the road that led us to the Salt Pond Park, where you could visit a nice beach. Sadly it began to rain and we had to get back to the car. Our trip would lead us into nowhere, because we ended up on the US navy missile ranch, where they just launched some test missiles into the ocean a few days earlier. Because of our tiredness we made our way back home. We didn’t get so far and decided to stop in a parking lot of Kekaha beach, which was directly at the beach, so that Dad could sleep while I read a book. After this little break we went back to Kapaa and visited a the nice Lemongrass Seafood Grill (luckily they had chicken too) for dinner. At least the food part was nice. I didn’t think it was nice to have a cockroach running up my leg (greetings go to Mum).