North Shore(again)
Today we went to the North Shore again, but this time we were out there for snorkeling. Dad had read a little about the best spots and they turned out to be exactly the same as the ones as we had visited two days before.
Moloa`a Sunrise Juice Bar

Since we hadn’t seen (nor eaten) any breakfast yet, we decided to just drive up the Kuhio Highway and see what comes up. And then we saw it. A sign for a juice bar with natural ingredients. Sadly they didn’t have any breakfast anymore, but that wasn’t too bad. The Acai bowl was great and the Dragonfruit smoothy was amazing. Maybe we took a bit too much.

Roosters are plentiful everywhere on Kauaui

First we drove up to the beach again from were we actually wanted to hike to a bay. Well in thongs (Flip-Flops)? Ehm, no thank you (and we were too lazy). Since the beach looked a little to rough, we decided to head over to Tunnels Beach. We got told to head a little along the beach. On our way we met a guy, who told us to definately snorkel there. And so we did. First of all: It was really shallow and you had to watch out, when a wave came in. But the deeper it got the more enjoyable it was. Second of all: It was raining, but I kinda got the feeling Hawaii is always beautiful. Meaning there was no sun to light it up. It was still very much fun to do. And we even saw a beautiful lobster.
When we got enough, we drove back and ate dinner at the same restaurant as the first day.