On Oàhu all highways next to the coast are a sight for themselves. So instead of reading, I enjoyed the greatest views. On the the right side the mountains and on the left side the beautiful ocean. It’s especially fun to drive curves right along the ocean. I can tell you, it was totally worth renting a car.
Lanikai Beach
Our way led us straight to Lanikai Beach. We drove through the parking lot and even looked at the sidestreet, but there was nothing free for parking. From a local we found out, that you could only park in the sidestreet after three pm, because five people had complained about it. Also the parking area is supposed to get emptier after three, because a lot of people have already left then.
Because it was already 13:30 o’clock, we decided to drive into town. We found an Indian place, which was really dissapointing. And I thought Indian food is always good. Obviously that isn’t true for Hawaii then. At least there was a bookstore next door, that turned out to be pretty cool, because they sold second hand and new books. With three new books and an ice tea we drove back to the beach. It was still crowded, but we found a parking lot pretty fast. Now to the beach itself. The beach was full of people, but it was fine and it didn’t take too long to find a spot in the shadow. Since we got told, that you should take all valueables to the beach, we asked a family next to us, to watch our stuff. We went into the water, which wasn’t cold at all and played football (the American one, where you can throw the ball). I decided to swim out alone to see, if there are any fishes, because I have to say: Dad is very bad at swimming. After 30 minutes I came back and only saw two fishes. One I saw twice, though.
The drive
Our drive back was great too. Most of the way was next to the Ocean and we made a stop at Sandy Beach, where we had a beautiful view and were able to see beautiful big waves.
Then we drove back into the sunset over Waikiki.