Dole Plantation
You might know them from the sticker on the Banana at Aldi and Lidl, but if you don’t, don’t worry, I didn’t either. So we visited their plantation and I have to say we actually just visted the shop, because other things weren’t worth paying for (well the train through the plantation and the maze would have been cool, but they were very expensive and it was too hot anyway). So we looked at all the merchandises and then ate a pineapple ice cream, which was supposed to be the best, but it was very sweet and way too much.
History town
It was just accidentally we passed  al little old town, that was really cute and even the McDonalds was cute. The houses reminded me of the Wild West and the small shops were just inviting. We went into a shop, that sold 100% natural ingredients. After we had tried most of the things, we bought a coconut peanutbutter. We walked a little throught the streets and bought a strawberry-mint limonade on our way back to the car.
Turtle bay beach resort
This could be like an insider tipp, because except for a small family the beach was completely empty. There was a little nature built pool. First we went in there and then into the big ocean. It was hard to get into the deep water, because you had to pass some enoying rocks first. So we just stayed in the shallow. Afterwards we threw a little with the football (american) and lay in the sand and read for a while. Because we got hungry, we left the beach after an hour or so.
Food trucks
I don’t know, where food trucks come from, but my first guess would be Hawaii. Now you probably know where we ate for lunch. Yeah at a food truck. Since the food truck Dad ate at only had shrimps and I’m not the biggest shrimp fan, I went to the BBQ corn truck. I must say, I think 5 dollars are a little much for one corn on a stick, but it was amazing! Of course that was not enough for lunch, so I went next door and got some Teriyaki chicken.
Weimea beach
Weimea Beach is known for its cliff. You can watch locals and even tourists jumping from the 7 meter cliff. And if you want, you could even jump yourself. But not only the cliffjumpers are cool, but also the waves are great. So we lay in the water getting swept away by the waves, watching the beautiful sundown.
Our last stop before home was this cool Mexican place, that had really cool burritos. They were not special or something, but they were delicious and that is the most important thing for me.