Mum left very early in the morning so I didn’t see her that long. After she was gone, we went back to sleep and could finally sleep long again (because Mum throw me out of bed every morning). We stood up checked out, checked into our next hotel (still in Tokyo), left our baggage there, which didn’t feel any lighter after mum took some stuff back home and then planned what to do. Mainly our plan was to go to Akihabara, where all the electronics are. Mum hates that kind of stuff, so we saved it till she was gone. We grabbed a map(pretty old school. Who uses a map, if there is google maps?). First we went to find a cafe, where we could have breakfast. We thought that would be easy at the Tokyo station. Far missled. The Tokyo station is huge and first of all it’s very hard to keep track of where you are and second there were only restaurants. So we took the next exit and searched for a Cafe outdoors, which we detected with an app Dad has on his phone. After a quick and unhealthy breakfast we walked to the electronic square. I had imagined a small hidden street, but this was the exact opposite. The streets were booming with people and the big houses were full of colourful lights. We squeezed through all the people. We were looking for a underwater-camera, so we made a stop at shops now and then. They had plenty of electronic devices including lots of cameras, but we didn’t find the right one. We went on and saw lots of girls dressed as mangas, standing on the sidewalk. It was wierd. As by the time we got exhausted we went back on the other side of the street and at the end of the street found a pretty nice restaurant at a river. We drank something and then went on looking for something to eat. We wandered a little along the main street till we turned into a small side street. Actually we wanted to eat Japenese on our last day, but the restaurant looked so nice we took it. And the appearance didn’t decieve us. It was really good.