If you ask yourself what the title is all about go on reading.

After driving late to Ueno, we were hungry again and searched for a restaurant nearby. There was a variety of restaurants, so I ask myself how we ended up choosing probably the worst one. I wouldn’t even have sat a foot in there, but my parents were blind of hunger. So we sat in the ugly restaurant and ordered what seemend normal. Unfortunatly the only thing normal turned out to be the dumplings. The lookalike of Kimchi were spiced cod entrails, which were even worse than fish and the grilled chicken was only a little of what we had expected and a lot of what we would only have expected in a Chinese restaurant like chicken beaks and some unidentifyable stuff. After that, I couldn’t even eat one dumpling. So we went to a bakery and bought some pretty nice stuff. The bakeries here are are much greater than the ones in Germany. You grab a tablet (not the electronic device) and choose from all the great stuff they have there and put it on the tablet. When you’re finished you pay and that’s it. Also it’s very cheap and delicious. We grabbed coffee at Tully`s and sat in the park, where we were heading anyways. The delicious snack made up for the bist before. 

The park was not like most people would image it. So let me enlighten you. The park was full of activities. You could visit a museum, the zoo, a museum and another museum and another one. So mainly you could visit museums. And that’s what we did. We visited the history museum, that was actually quite cool (no I’m not crazy). As we went out, it started to rain and we went to a station and rode the train back.

After relaxing back at our hotel we wanted to do something special, since it’s Mum’s last day. As it turns out, today seems to be our bad day. We wandered around the main food corner, but everything that looked good was filled with people, others were already closing, but most we just didn`t want to go in. After ages we finally found a tiny restaurant in a hidden corner. And the food was great too.