I can’t believe I stood up early for this! Dad really wanted to go to the fish market and for those of you, who don’t know: I hate seafood. Because the actual market is only open from 6am – 10am, we had to get up far to early. And then we arrived there and they tell us, that we can only go there after 10pm. Yeah great, then all the stuff is gone. Also you were supposed to be able to take great pictures there, but how if you’re not allowed to? Soon we made our way through the streets, where they were selling fish as well. Dad ate his breakfast Sushi there while Mum and I looked at china. I was very happy when Dad was finished and we went to a cafe. And finally we went to a shopping mall. Actually it was very disappointing so we quickly went to a street, where many malls where. For the reasons I already wrote in my last post, we seated Dad in a cafe and fought our way through the multiple shops without buying anything. No, that’s not quite right, Mum bought a suitcase trolly so she could take some of our stuff back home. Exhausted we made our way early towards home.

After a while we made ourselves on the way to a Indian restaurant Mum had found in the internet. When we had to admit, that the Restaurant wasn’t where it was supposed to be, we wandered around again searching for food. At the end we really found an Indian restaurant. We had a little trouble ordering, but that wasn’t so bad, because Indian food is always delicious. Though the problem with the Japenese menu could have easily been solved, because they had an English one outside.