Tokyo is nothing like I had imagined. Maybe it’s just because we have already visited so many big cities, but I think the city is pretty cool. Of course there ain’t many small houses. Also I thought it would be very hard to travel via subway, but it really wasn’t. I suppose we cheated a little, because Dad downloaded an App that really helped us find the right subway, but I think we were pretty good anyway. Mum woke me up early, so I wasn’t really in a great mood, but that would change soon. Before we set, we ate breakfast, if you can call it that. Mum had bought some joghurt and pineapple from the Lawsen store, which we then ate in our room, because there was nowhere we could eat nearby and our hotel was way to expensive. Here as an example, that by the way really annoys me: I looked at pictures of the hotel and was really happy to see, that we finally had a pool again and mum was even happier, because she could finally easily swim outside before flying back to old cold Germany. But guess what, they had a pool, but it was only public and not in our Hotel and it was also soooo expensive. And with expensive, I mean way too expensive. Who pays 32 Euro for one day? And that’s the price for one person!

But back to our breakfast kind of thing. So like said, we ate breakfast and then walked to the subway nearby. We got on, changed and then got off in Harajuku. I can tell you already, this is not the part, where my mood lightens up. As if we hadn’t seen enough temples in Kyoto, we where now at a park, where we could visit the next temple. It was hot, so we tried walking in the shadow of the trees as long as possible. Soon we arrived at the Meiji Jingu Temple. Well, I think that’s not what my parents had expected. It was totally wrapped up and instead of an actual temple you could only see what it was going to look like on the pictures, that were printed on the wrapping. Good for me. Next we went wandering around the park till we finally found an exit. We thought about our next move and decided to head towards Shibuya. And maybe you can guess, why at this point my mood started to lighten up. If you guessed ‚Shopping‘: Congratulations! So we went to Shibuya and soon found our first „target“. The store was called LoFT. I’m not sure, if they have shops in other countries, but they probably have. It is huge and sells nearly anything. Afterwards we strolled around a little and soon found ourselves sitting in the LoFT again drinking coffee. Since Dad was very tierd, he returned to the hotel. If I’m honest with you, mum and I were pretty happy to be able to shop without the man saying:“ Don’t you have something like that already?“ or “ You have a big closet filled with clothes.“ Or “ Do you really need that?“. So mum and I moved through the streets just visiting a „Forever 21“ and a second-hand-shop, where I found this really cool jacket for only four bucks. Soon we were exhausted and it was already dark. OMG, how could we be so stupid again. We didn’t eat anything, because we thought we would eat together and it turned out exactly the same like in The 22nd day, just this time we ended up eating dumplings from Lawsons.