I’m sorry for the dramatic title, but I just heard “ Blankspace “ from Taylor Swift and thought it kind of fits. Since I don’t want to keep you in the dark any longer.

How we had already planned the night before, we went to the beach. We were very happy, that it wasn’t as full so we directly jumped into the water. At first it was cool and refreshing, but after a couple of minutes it started to prick and it got worse. Mum got out of the water, but dad and I did’t want to just because of a little prickling. Suddenly I felt huge pain, which past pretty quick, so I didn’t pay further attention to it and followed dad along the beach. As it turns out it was a jellyfish sting. Since it didn’t bother me we kept the plan and visited a few temples till it was time to jump onto the train. I was excited to see what Tokyo is like.

Oh, before I forget. That’s what the quote is about. The ocean looked so good and I really wanted to swim, but it turned out to be a nightmare, because of the jellyfish and plankton or whatever. Yeah I might be overdoing it.