This day was another traveling day. Saying that we spent half the day sitting in the train. We took a taxi to our „Hostel“. Why Ím putting Hostel in quotation marks? Well the Hostel was clean, modern and just not like a hostel. Since we had to wait for our room anyway we just dropped off our things and then made a short trip to the beach. Because we were hungry we stopped at the bar which was on our way. I ate some mexican pizza. Even though the Japanese food is great I was happy to eat something western again. With stilled hunger we went to the beach and then turned around to go back to our hostel. We were led to our room. It was a little wierd because the wall that parted us from our neighbours didn’t go through the hole room so that we could hear every word they said. We were pretty tired from the trip, that’s why we just put our clothes into the washing machines and then fell into our bed. Around 6 o`clock we were hungry again, so we went along the beaches looking out for some restaurant. I didn’t understand why we didn’t eat at our Hostel, because they had a restaurant in it. After wandering around for a bit and meeting several very drunk girls we decided to go back to the Hostel and eat there.