I can tell you already that the titles is ment ironacally. Getting there was pretty easy because we just had to take the train to Inari station and after you got out of the station the temple was right in front of you. We followed the stream of people and soon arrived at the entrance of the red gate path. So we walked through the gates now and then waiting for an opportunity to take a picture without any people on, but believe me that’s s nearly impossible. We walked about half an hour and arrived at a platform were you could buy drinks. After a little refreshment we made ourselves on the way for the actual path. And again we went through the gates at some point waiting for a clear path, when a opportunity came I sadly had to realise how hard it is for my parents to take a good picture, at least they tried and maybe I`m not the best model either. At first the gates were pretty impressiv but after … a lot it was just boring. After another 40 minutes we finally arrived at the platform. Now just a look at the great view space and back down we went. Before driving back we stopped at a nice cafe, where I drank a goooood ice tea. After we arrived back at our hotel we ate in the area we had eaten the last few days. I know I`m repeating myself, but it was delicioussss.