This day seemed to be a boring but at the and turned out to be very fun. After chilling a little in our apartment we made our way to the Nishiki market, which sold all kinds of food. First thing after arriving at the market we went into a shop that sold a varity of nuts coated in different flavors. After we had tested every single one of them we were full. That was fine with me since the most stands sold fish anyway, but dad kept on trying strange foods. We kept on going till a shoe store crossed our way. We made a stop and bought some shoes for dad. Now is where the fun part comes in: Shopping. And yes again. But I can spoil already, that we didn’t buy much. It was just fun walking from shop to shop looking at the coolest things. I could have stay a little longer but mum was showing signs of weakness already, so we went back to our Hotel room. We expected to see a bored dad already waiting for ages, but instead there was no on there. As it turns out he had had two massages and was now deeply relaxed. Mum and I were furios to eat something because we didn’t eat since morning, but dad had eaten already and now wanted to take a bath. Half an hour had past when a even more relaxed dad came into the room. But now it had gone to far we were hungry and we wanted do something about it. So we forced dad to put some clothes on and go. I could convince my parents to go into this place that has tepanyaky and my parent were more than fond of it.

My dad ate lots of Sushi o cover is need for Magnesium.