Usually the OWD are  two days in a row, but they didn´t have a seat left for me on the boat so I had to finish it the following day.

All the way up to Hawi

Our trip went through all kinds of  climatical zones. It was as if all continents were united on this island. Our destination: Pololu beach. The only thing I didn´t know: It was a hike. A baby hike, but still a hike. I know some people think hiking is fun and stuff, but not with me. We did it anyway. The beach was black from the Lava and that the only thing special. No doubt, it was very nice, but the current was to tough for swimming. A man had lost his 180 dollar Oakleys to the ocean, when a wave cought it and took it merciless.

The way back we drove with open roof in our new convertible through the landscape that could have been Ireland. We stopped at the Brewhouse for dinner, before making our way back home.