On todays list was the forbidden city, which my parents thought, you have to have seen. Like every morning we took the subway, which also like every morning was toooooooo full. But it wouldn´t be the last thing that being too full. From the subway it wasn´t very hard finding the entrance. It was where all the people were heading. Once in the forbidden city it didn´t get better. There were crowds streaming through the city and the sun was merciless. Mum and I had lost our motivation after a minute, but dad dragged us through the city. Soon mum and I had convinced him of leaving and so we did. Our next stop: The drum tower. After a short visit we went back to the café we had visited the night before. As always it was delicious. Since we had stood up pretty early so we could get on the train before the rush hour, we were all pretty tired and slept a little. When we woke up we were like so often pretty hungry. That’s why we went to a vegetarian restaurant that the lady at the reception had recommended.