After we had arrived at our hotel pretty late the evening before, we could now wake up 6 o´clock in the morning. Why? We had a bus to catch. Because the weather was supposed to get bad the following days and we didn´t want to come when all the other million Chinese came. But you are probably asking yourself where. We were going to the great wall. You know this tiny wall they have there?  Yeah that one. So we catched the bus and arrived at the wall two hours later. We took the cable car up, walked a little on the wall (pretty exhausting), took some pictures and dad and I took the tobaggon back down. For those of you who don´t know what a tobaggon is, I´ll explain it to you: Mainly a tobaggon is  like a kind of  metal slay, which drives on a kind of metal slide down the mountain. With an accelerator you can control the speed. You could have driven very fast if there wouldn´t have been a Chinese family in front of you which, well, drove slower than a snail.


We finally arrived (mum took the cable carback down) we saw how good it was that we stood up early, because the line for the cable car had gotten twice as long.Before we took the bus back to our hotel we ate the lunch which was included in our trip. After the bus had dropped us of at the hotel we napped a little and then against my will made a trip that was described as a secret hint (after taking some Magnesium). I wasn´t so sure of that, when I saw the mass of people flooding through the street. But after first struggles with mass of people had passed the evening turned out to be pretty nice.