This post is just for the completeness of my blog. So don´t wonder about it being very short.

Why the post is short? The day was pretty boring. We had planned to do a relaxed day, but what followed was not at all what I’d hoped for. Because I didn´t want to go anywhere without a toilet in a 10 meter radius, my parents had to go to the market (the same as the one, we visited the first day) alone, which I was very sad about, because how you should now know: I love shopping. So I stayed the day in our suite watching Elementary, packing my stuff and eating chips for supper. At the end it wasn’t that bad to have a day alone just doing nothing, but as I said before: it´s not how I had imagined the chill-day. But to be honest: THAT is how my holiday would have looked like if we wouldn´t be traveling around.